We have 300 sows on the farm and all of these live a free range existence allowed to come and go as they please from large barns out to the fields to root and wallow. When they come to farrow they are brought into pens then moved to larger straw bedded pens allowing them to move around freely and exhibit natural behaviour.

The Sows are all ¾ large white ¼ landrace.
The large white was developed in the 1800s in Yorkshire. Since then it has become the most popular pig in Britain and has been exported worldwide where it is still known as the ‘Yorkshire Pig’.
It is now a high quality bacon pig producing a long lean carcass. It is a white pig with a slightly concave profile of head and erect sticking up ears. In the summer they are prone to sunburn so the fields have plenty of wallows and trees to allow them to stay cool.

Landrace pigs were first imported into Britain in 1949 from Sweden. It is again a white pig but the obvious difference is its lop ears that point forward covering its eyes. It produces lean meat ideal for fresh pork and bacon production.

Chickens & Ducks
We have a few free range chickens and Bantams that provide us with a good supply of fresh eggs that are sold in the shop. Our runner ducks are also to be found in the farmyard with the chickens.

This year we have been hatching out some of our duck eggs and throughout the summer there will be ducklings to see.

We have a few lambs throughout the year that can be seen either in the fields or yard

We have one Shetland pony and a Dartmoor on the farm, they can be seen in the yard.