It’s not just about Pigs!

Western Morning News Clip January 27th 2012

It’s not just about the pigs! Border Terrier Jack is a special little chap!

“I am Andrew Freemantle the owner of Jack the dog. In the Western Morning News (Jan. 17th) a reader, Peggy Cheney wrote a letter in about him, offering to start a fan club because he had such a happy face.

I can tell Peggy and anyone else who is interested, that Jack has lived at Kenniford Farm since 1997 when he was born, so he his 16 this year, which is 100 in dog years!

Whenever we have the press on the farm he is always interested in what’s going on, which is why he tends to get photographed a lot. He loves coming with me in the tractor and has spent hours keeping me company as I work in the fields.

He has also travelled all over the Westcountry, going to farm sales. Despite his age he still likes to go for long walks every day, but as I write this his is fast asleep snoring by the aga.

He is an excellent example of why Border Terriers are so popular. They have a long life expectancy, are very loyal, reasonably obedient, good with kids, and are very easy to look after.

I often recommend Borders to people who see him when they visit our farm shop. So thank you Peggy for noticing what a special little chap he is!”